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An e-cig that is gaining a lot of attention is Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes. This e-cig is manufactured by Green Smoke Inc, a for profit company that was founded in 2008 in Miami, USA by Sammy Capuano. Green Smoke e-cig has definitely worked its way to going green and we should give some attention on a number of factors that make Green Smoke among the best e-cigarettes on the market, if not the best.

There are a number of factors that are supposed to be put into consideration before a customer buys any e-cig product. Aesthetics, durability of the cartomisers and warranty are just a few important factors to consider.

One thing that makes Green Smoke e-cig a top-notch product is its quality. Take for instance the durability of the batteries. Unlike other brands in the market, Green Smoke offers a choice between long and short battery life to its customers. It takes a little bit more of your time to completely charge the 270mAh batteries of the long life battery than charging the 160mAh batteries of the short battery life. This e-cig can last 3hrs when completely charged.


Green Smoke kits are very portable, but this is because they do not offer any charging case. This means that, unfortunately enough, you have to screw the batteries directly onto the charging case any time you charge them, which again, you have to bend down every time you need a charge since you have to connect it directly into the outlet. However, Green Smoke offers a secondary USB charging system, although ugly, so that you do not worry about recharging whenever you are near a power source.

When we compare Green Smoke starter kits to other starter kits in the market without factoring the green smoke discount code UK seen above, we notice that user preference is taken into consideration since there are a variety of flavours and strengths to choose from. In fact the cartomiser flavours that come with the express kit are offered in: Menthol Ice, Red Label Tobacco, Absolute Tobacco, Tobacco Gold, Mocha Mist, Smooth Chocolate and Vanilla Dreams. However, the flavours Tobacco Gold and Mocha Mist are currently not offered in Ultra Light strengths and Strong, respectively. The nicotine tiers are; Zero (0%), Ultra Light (0.6%), Light (1.2%), Full (1.8%) and Strong (2.4%).

Users of traditional cigarettes usually find it very hard to switch to e-cigs due to the intricacies involved in assembling them. Green Smoke takes care of this by offering a very convenient 2-piece system where the assembling of the e-cig simply requires the user to twist the battery thread into the cartomiser then inhale.

Green Smoke has quite exaggerated the number of puffs for this e-cig claiming a whooping 350 puffs. In reality, and under normal circumstances, you are only able to achieve about 190 puffs. This is quite commendable though since it is already above average.

Aesthetics is something that Green Smoke hasn’t taken much time to venture in. The express kit comes in a green box, which unlike that of SkyCig, sports a false latch. Although it is expected that the Green Smoke e-cig comes in a green box, this box itself is very unsuitable for an e-cig, it would be perfect for a food supplement though!

Both the long and the short battery life e-cigs offered by the Green Smoke are very similar. But what is most inappropriate is the resemblance to traditional cigarettes meaning that it is possible that you could face awkward moment if you were to use it in a smoking prohibited area.

Something about Green Smoke that is likely to blow you off the ground is their warranty and a 30-day 100% refund policy. However, this is limited to the starter kits (which must be bought from Green Smoke official website) and the original buyer of the kit. The 1-year warranty is rather impressive but is voided if the product is damaged through obvious tampering or misuse. Cartridges are also not covered since they are consumable products and may have health hazards concerned.

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Based in Scotland, JacVapour is an e-cigarette distributor that has entered the United Kingdom market with the goal of trying establish its name in the e-cigarette market. It was founded in 2010 by an ex-smoker and provides a number of options for its users in the area of e-cigarette nicotine strength, battery length, colour, e-liquids, cartomiser flavours and the choice between manual and automatic batteries.

Disposable e-cigarette devices are also available from JacVapour as either singles or in the form of a starter kit. The existing cartomiser flavours sold by JacVapour are: cherry, mint, cappuccino, menthol, tobacco virgin, tobacco, vanilla and tobacco reds USA.


The company also sells blank tanks; re-build tanks and blank cartomisers suitable for individuals intending to use their preferred e-liquids. There are four levels of nicotine content ranging from 6 milligrams to 24 milligrams. JacVapour has an extensive list of options extending to their lines of e-cigarette batteries that vary in length from 48 millimetres to 96 millimetres. Furthermore, its battery dimensions are directly proportional to its mAh rating.

Presently, JacVapour offers a maximum of 13 e-cigarette starter kits to customers. The prices of these starter kits range from £4.99 to £53.99 for disposable and premium variable voltage manual starters, respectively.

Additionally, the price of the JacVapour V1P PCC starter kit begins at £35.99 and is composed of what can satisfy most entry-level electronic cigarette users. Using the jacvapour discount code will save you 15% on any order.

This JacVapour starter kit includes:

◦ USB PCC charge cable (1)

◦ Choice of battery (1)

◦ E-cigarette manual (1)

◦ V1P personal charger (1)

◦ Mixed bungs pack (1)

◦ Choice of cartomisers (5)

◦ Secondary USB charge cable, USB to mains adapter and a second battery*

*These are available as add-on alternatives.

Pros of JacVapour

◦ Can be refilled with e-liquids.

◦ There are several available options to choose from.

◦ Reasonable prices

◦ Quality build

Cons of JacVapour

◦ LED tip branding.

◦ Warranty is restricted to UK users only.

Design Elements

The JacVapour starter kit comes in a medium-sized white cardboard box. The kit’s make and model are clearly visible just as its major details and contents. JacVapour offers users the option to select between graphite, glossy black or glossy white PCC.

The personal charge case (PCC) has a top descending mechanism, which reveals two 65millimetre 180mAh black batteries. A distinctive rotating screw-in charging port lets users swing out the battery being charged to unfasten comes standard in the PCC.

Vaping Experience

By means of the JacVapour starter, users are offered their option of cartomiser flavours to select from. These include: cherry, mint, menthol, tobacco virgin, cappuccino, vanilla and tobacco red USA.

The vaping procedure is quite easy and all users have to do is take deep drags with the automatic battery. All through the drags, the initial tips will turn on, signifying that vaping is occurring.


The JacVapour V1P personal charge case has a battery rating of 1200mAh and is sleek and suitable to use. This is especially true of the glossy black coloured personal charge case. The charge casing is able to hold an assembled e-cigarette and a battery being charged. An included USB charge cable is used to charge the PCC.

The guarantee and warranty of all JacVapour products is restricted to forthright money back policy from the date of delivery. The warranty for the PCC is 4 months while that for the charger and battery is for a time span of 42 days.

JacVapour Review – Company information

Based in Scotland, JacVapour was established and founded by an ex-smoker. The founder had several years of experience with conventional cigarette smoking under his belt before trying his first electronic cigarette. JacVapour is a distributor of electronic cigarettes and their accessories in the UK.

The company was created in 2010 and provides services and support through email that are guaranteed a feedback within 24 hours. The company’s business hours run from 9 am to 4 pm during weekdays.

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Smart Cigs is an online electronic cigarette store based in Kent, England, which specializes in a wide range of different electronic cigarette products, including starter kits, e-liquids, and accessories – ideal if you are new to vaping, or have used electronic cigarettes in the past.


Smart Cigs’s website is easy to use, with a number for different menus and tools that will take you to different parts of the website. You will be able to search for electronic cigarette products, or browse through individual product pages – each one contains detailed information on the item in question, as well as high resolution photos, providing you with all the info you need when selecting a product for yourself, or as a gift for a friend or family member. 

The battery that is used with devices manufactured by the company is of a good quality, and will generate a vapor of the highest quality – one that is not too harsh or damaging to the throat. You will be able to enjoy the vaping equipment with various different e-liquid flavors including tobacco and menthol, both of which have been designed to match those flavors that you may be familiar with if you have used traditional brands of cigarette in the past.

These flavors are enjoyable and long-lasting, and can be used with your vaporing device. One way to save money when purchasing e-cigarettes online is to purchase a starter kit, which will contain a lot of the equipment you need to help get you started. For example, you may find that a starter kit contains a battery, charging device, full instructional guide and free bottle of e-liquid to get you started. Other starter kits contain a carrying case, which can be used to keep your equipment protected when carrying it in a pocketbook or bag.

One of the most popular starter kits on offer on the website is the Smart Cigs Premier Kit, which can save you money in the long run, especially when compared with the price of ordering this same equipment individually. 

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Based in the UK, Vapouriz has positioned themselves as a manufacturer of premium e-cigarettes. They offer a wide range of different products, from electronic cigars to more common e-cigarettes. The Vapouriz catalog includes cartridge-based models, with cartridge refills in a reasonable if somewhat limited range of flavours. These include Classic and Caramel Tobacco flavours and other popular tastes like menthol and cherry. Cartridges come in nicotine-free, regular (1.8 per cent) and light (1.2%) strengths.


For those who like the freedom and versatility of e-liquids, Vapouriz also offers the Tank eGo line of refillable units, along with a selection of liquids in many different flavours and four different nicotine strengths. Fans of “dripping” should be aware that the Tank is the only model compatible with their e-liquids.

The Vapouriz range of starter kits includes the full-featured Gemini Pro Full Kit, as well as more modest options. All their starter kits come with a USB charger, rechargeable battery, and full instruction manual, plus various other accessories depending on the kit you choose. For those who want a convenient disposable, there’s the Vapouriz Solo. Using the vapouriz discount code provided, users can now save 5% on all of their orders with this e-cig company.

Although perhaps not outstanding in terms of the range or quality of cartridge flavours, the vapour experience offered by Vapouriz is certainly more than acceptable. The Classic Tobacco cartridges deliver plenty of pleasant tobacco flavour and a thick, satisfying vapour. Vapouriz estimate that each cartridge is good for around the equivalent of 40 tobacco cigarettes; users who tend to inhale heavily may find that the number of puffs is a bit smaller, but this kind of variation is normal with e-cigarettes.

Aesthetically, Vapouriz delivers a very attractive product. The hard pack offered with the cartridge-based Gemini uses a smart green-on-black livery, while the units themselves are sleek black items with the green Vapouriz logo and a green indicator LED. There’s a metallic case available for the Tank unit, which comes with a black battery section and transparent thermoplastic Clearomizer. The firm was founded in 2011 by a former tobacco smoker who was able to give up his over 20-year habit after he began using electronic cigarettes.

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EcigWizard is Europe’s newest competitor in the electronic cigarette industry; a company that manufactures and sells disposable vapourisers, accessories, and other things relating to their star brand EcigWizard. Founded in Peterborough, you can find a specialized shop selling accessories, cigars, and flavours inside the store.


Debuting a mere three years ago, the company is quickly gaining speed as it develops over seventy electronic cigarette vapour flavours and a multitude of products. As of September 14, 2013, the company showcases four starter kits to begin your vaping with the EcigWizard; each for only £20.00. The FreshStart, Vision eGo, 510, and Olympian Imist are the current favoured starter kits in the EcigWizard discount product line and a key addition to your collection.

The starter bundle consists of:One Manual Battery, One USB Charger, One Vision eGo Tank, One 10mL bottle of e-liquid – an appealing deal to many such as myself.

The EcigWizard FreshStart bundle kit also includes a freedom of selection to choose which colour you would like your vapouriser (either black or silver) and the option to choose one of over seventy flavours for your e-liquid! Every e-liquid flavour has a certain nicotine percentage pasted on the tube to watch for.

Like most manual electronic cigarettes, their cig has an on/off button in the case of turning the vapouriser into the function you desire.Allowing you to go out for a quick vape or hide it in your suit pocket while your assistant checks up on you.

In the case that you don’t have a pence to spare and can’t afford twenty quid, the cheapest option is still available to those for only £10.00.

Some note that the EcigWizard’s vapour production was rather dense and cloudy compared to order brands but remember, although the electronic cigarette may not be a ‘real’ cigarette, it still contains nicotine and is not suitable for those under 18 years of age.

One last thing to note, even though this e-cig may not be traditional type, it also doesn’t mean you can bring it to areas with a sign stating ‘no smoking allowed’ and expect to vape without any issues.

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Apollo E-Cig is a popular electronic cigarette company in both the US and the UK, which was founded in 2008. The best thing about electronic cigarettes is that they help people that were addicted to smoking tobacco to get over the addiction. Apollo’s e-cig products contain nicotine and the customer gets the amount he wants and because of this, a former tobacco smoker is more likely to quit traditional cigs.

Apollo E-Cig offers a one-year warranty and provides the customers with plenty of options. The company also offers both rechargeable and disposable electronic cigarettes, 17 different flavours are available and a customer can choose whichever he pleases. Apollo gives their customers the option of using blank cartomisers, that are refillable or the ones that are pre-refilled. This enables their customers to save money, as they are able refill them with their favourite e-liquids.


Standard Starter Kit

The company provides a number of unique starter kits that work with their apollo e-cig discount code each with a different price. It is an impressive kit compared to starters from other companies; it is nicely packaged and very easy to use. It has a personal charging case that is shaped like a traditional tobacco cigarette pack. The standard starter kit includes the following:

  • 1 Personal Charging Case
  • 1 Apollo E-Cig 500-Puff Disposable E-Cig
  • 5 Cartomisers
  • 2 180mAh Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • 1 USB Battery Charger
  • 1 PCC USB Charger Cable
  • 1 Mains Adaptor
  • Variety of flavours

Apollo’s line of e-cigs comes with 17 different flavours, which is more than enough for customers to choose from. These flavours include the mango peach, classic tobacco, rocky road, cherry among others. The flavours are nice and of excellent quality, definitely meeting the standards that their customers expect.


Vaping the Apollo electronic cigarette is smooth and easy to accomplish. There are also varieties of flavours that customers are free to choose from and are readily available for them. The Apollo takes 90 minutes to charge and the PCC has the ability to charge up the batteries if need be.

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One of the electronic cigarette companies that have experienced the most rapid growth in its market base is V2Cigs. The reasons the company has risen to such heights in the global market could be due to its focus on not only being convenience-oriented, but also for retailing both electronic cigarettes and e-juice for some of the most pocket-friendly prices in the market (the prices range from £16.22 to £104.00).

Although V2Cigs has about 8 starter kits in the market, in this review, we are going to focus on the V2 Standard Kit, which retails for £42.23. It offers a user manual, 10 flavour cartridges, wall adapter, USB smart charger, a manual and automatic battery.


Here are a number of reasons why V2Cigs should be considered.

1. Offers a plethora of flavours and strengths.
Although V2 may not top the charts of the brands with the highest number of flavours, it is definitely a step ahead most electronic cigarette manufacturers since they currently offer 10 different flavours. The flavours, which include; coffee, chocolate, vanilla, menthol, sahara, peppermint, mint, tea, cherry, congress and V2 Red are also offered in a total of 4 different nicotine variants. The different nicotine levels are zero (0mg), light (6mg), medium (12) and full (18mg). Oh and did I mention the v2 cigs discount code UK up there?

2. Different battery types offered.
V2 offers batteries with ratings of 150mAh, 250mAh and 380mAh. This is depicted by the differences in sizes spotted in respective batteries; shorty(67mm), standard (79mm) and lastly, long (110mm). V2 also offers a choice between manual and automatic batteries. A difference I noted with the two types of batteries is that the manual battery produced a relatively sufficient vapour, and that it lasted longer- probably because shutting it off completely during vaping is possible.

3. Warranty.
Warranty is a very essential part in marketing products that are relatively new in the contemporary world and electronic cigarettes are no exception. V2’s warranty limited to the original buyer of the products carries a lifelong coverage for users that order every 90 days. This is good news since there are a variety of electronic cigarettes brands whose products are not covered at all. However, just like most electronic cigarettes, the consumable products such as V2 disposables and the e-liquid are not covered. Please note that any modification, improper use or any kind of maintenance of the products automatically voids the warranty.

4. Battery colours.
Most electronic cigarette brands, unfortunately, offer their batteries in a single colour. V2 on the other hand respects the need for some buyers to customise their vaping experience since with V2, customers have an option of 4 battery colours, namely; black, silver, white and blue.

Unfortunately though, there is a factor that would make you reconsider buying the V2 Standard Kit- the fact that the kit does not come with a PCC (a personal charging case). Note that with a PCC, your worries about recharging the batteries if there is no power source near are greatly decreased. It is very unfortunate then that such a brand as V2 could have a PCC missing from its most popular kit.

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Based in Hudderfield in England, NUCIG e-cigarettes have slowly but surely become a sensation all over the world. Now spread over 7 countries, the company presents users with quite a number of options to choose from right from their first production of the advanced pro AP4. Their e-cigarettes have over time become a buzz thanks to their uncanny ability to help chain smokers kick the habit and get their lives on track. The production of NUCIG has somewhat put the competitors on the run for their money thanks to their new inventions.

Users no longer have to deal with separate purchase of cartomisers, batteries and cartridges thanks to the 2-piece design, which is rechargeable. The three options that have been presented as kits have also made things easier with the mini, starter and full categories one can choose from. The AP4 starter kit features 2 batteries, a USB cable, a USB to adapter charger, 5 cartomisers, a portable charging case and a much needed user manual.


There are many benefits and reasons that should lead anyone interested to buy NUCIG cigarettes. Some of these will cut across all e-cigs, which include the lack of a foul smell like that produced when smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette. One of the features of NUCIG is their smooth and consistent drag that they provide. They also come in a classy casing that resembles the iPhone case, which is a mark above many other e-cig company’s products. This is ideal for many that have a taste for presentation. It also comes with a portable charger that allows the smoker to enjoy the cigarettes anytime anywhere without having to look for lugs and sockets all over.

Using the nucig discount code present, one could save a lot. They also sell a number of flavours with menthol and the fruity flavours being some of the most commonly used by their many buyers. You also have the option of using the high nicotine, medium and low nicotine option depending on the level of kick you are used to. You can also use the zero nicotine option if you’re looking to cut out nicotine completely. The cigarettes come in black, pink and natural colours. The Natural simply means that they look similar to the conventional colour of a tobacco cigarette. This allows the user to have a traditional cigarette kind of feeling, which can be quite fulfilling at the end of the day.

The NUCIG casing is a shiny elegant black case that can charge up to 5 lithium batteries without being juiced up again. They also come with an easy to install and remove individual batteries feature, unlike others that need to be screwed and unscrewed in place. Many reviews have reiterated that the vapour produced by these e-cigs is worth the pricing. The best part of NUCIG is the warranty that comes with the parts of the cigarettes. The atomisers, despite them being consumables have warranty of 21 days. The batteries come with a 30-day warranty while the consumables carry a 5-day warranty. The USB cable has the longest warranty at 12 months.

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The VAPESTICK is one of the most popular brands of e-cigarettes on the marketplace and something that is commonly bought from retail shops. The Classic Starter Kit offers many of the features that VAPESTICK is known for and is perhaps the most accurate representation of the product alone.

VAPESTICK is an e-cigarette or e-cig that takes the place of their traditional cigarette counterparts. They do not contain any tobacco or the harmful toxins that cause cancer, although e-cigs have the appearance of a tobacco cigarette. Rather, the VAPESTICK is made up of three-pieces: the battery, atomiser and cartridge, which form with each other to create the e-cig. Once the smoker inhales around the end, the battery triggers the atomiser, which heats the flavoured e-liquid in the cartomiser that contains the nicotine. The liquid is transformed into water vapour and absorbed into the respiratory system. The VAPESTICK is safe to use in public and does not pose any known adverse health risks like smoking cigarettes.


The Vapestick Vintage Basic Starter Kit includes these:

  • Two Atomizers
  • Two Batteries
  • Ten Toner cartridges
  • Charger and Manual

The battery pack is a little small compared to a few of the e-cigs currently available. This helps the complete unit appear just like a traditional tobacco cig. The battery itself is rather responsive and provides enough power for 6 to 70 minutes use. However, provided that there are two battery packs available, having a newly charged one is generally no problem. The vapestick discount code above works on all orders, keep that in mind.

If there is a disadvantage, it is the lack of a portable charging case, which frequently looks like a standard package of cigarettes. The lack of this type of case means that you must take the main charger with you in order to rapidly recharge your battery power. The portable charging situation is available separately or by upgrading your original order to some more advanced starting package. However, using a freshly charged battery power being an issue is only relevant if you are continuously on the move and have no place to keep your regular charger plugged in.

The ten-toner cartridges are rather plentiful for a standard starter kit, especially when they last around 100 puffs each. VAPESTICK does nevertheless use the “old fashioned” three-piece style as opposed to the 2-item design, which is more prevalent in newer e-cigarette models. 3-piece designs could be somewhat fiddly, even though the refill cartridges are usually a bit cheaper when the atomiser is individual. Be sure to check out our VAPESTICK discount code above to get additional savings.

There are distinct strengths and tastes found in these 10 cartridges ranging from tobacco, initial, and menthol solitary apple flavour. In this way, you can try them out and then re-order the ones that you like. Also, you can choose the strength of the pure nicotine as well from zero to 15mg roughly. For those looking to stop smoking entirely, the ability to slowly dial down the cigarette smoking is a definite plus.

Overall, the impression the VAPESTICK leaves is determined by whether you enjoy the three-piece design or want a simpler two-piece set up. Usually, the VAPESTICK is a dependable, high quality smokeless cigarette perfect for those looking to quit smoking or cut costs by switching clear of tobacco products.

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Following the smoking ban that was put in place by the UK government, Umer and Taz researched and came up with an alternative in 2007 to try and help smokers. It is similar to other electronic cigarettes, which are in most cases engineered in China. It typically has two components, the cartomiser and battery.

Gamucci is based in London that has become a global distributor of e-cigarettes and a variety of e-cigars. Since its launch, it has managed to spread to over fifty-five countries in the entire world. They have excellent customer support services concerning their products and can be reached through the provided phone numbers and email addresses.


These e-cigarettes come in a number of flavours, which a smoker can choose from. A variety of nicotine options are also available for one to use. Some of the flavours included here are coffee, grape, apple, cola and menthol. About five options of nicotine are available and these are derived from original tobacco. The package comes with two rechargeable starter kits, which vary in terms of cost and specific features for use. Gamucci kit comes with all that is required for one to start on e-cigarettes. All the kits come fitted with additional features such as USB battery charger, European plug and carry cases.

The Gamucci micro deluxe starter which does work with the gamucci discount code listed, comes in an alluring white box with a well-displayed company logo. You just need to slide off the outer white covering for you to expose the batteries and the cartomiser. When the top chamber is pulled off, the user manual is exposed which contains all the instructions necessary for one to use the kit effectively. A welcome card and mains adapter are also displayed to the user. Other features that are exposed here are the UK adapters, European plug, a carry case and the USB charger.

Connecting the constituent parts is not tricky at all. These e-cigarettes require just screwing together both the cartomisers and the batteries. This is very simple and new users are not exposed to difficulties when connecting the two. The brand logo is found very close to this junction. This is a sure way to ascertain that you are using the original products from the right supplier of the company’s products. The batteries are pre-charged and thus the users can start smoking right away after buying the kits.

After a successful assembly of the 2-piece cigarette, a sufficient amount of vapour is usually produced. An orange light is usually produced during the drag and this indicates that atomiser is in use and functioning properly. It is believed that a single cartomiser emits vapour, which is equivalent to three hundred and seventy five puffs or two full packs of cigarette. The original tobacco flavour is made more pleasant for the smoker to enjoy. It is good to appreciate that original tobacco is used in the manufacture of these e-cigarettes, thus poor products are not in the market under this brand name.

Intellicig Discount Code

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IntelliCig is an electronic cigarette manufacturer that came into the market recently. It offers vintage three-piece designed e-cigs with a view to attract smokers who are looking to opt for a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking in a stylish manner.

Benefits of IntelliCig Electronic Cigarettes

There are many reasons why anyone would want to buy an e-cig from IntelliCig. Some of the most popular reasons include the following:


  • a) Affordable Cigarettes

Despite the old-fashioned looking 3- piece design, the electronic cigarettes sold by this awesome company are also inexpensive, especially with the intellicig discount code above. However, they function and look better than some high-priced e-cigarettes.

  • b) Unique Design

The three-piece cartomiser design is accentuated by unique packaging consisting of 2 card cases that fold outward. One card contains the cartridges while the other holds the internal e- cig compartments.

Inside the Starter Kit that is provided with your product, you will discover 5 cartridges, a USB charger, an atomizer and one battery. It does not get as simple as this.

  • c) Innovative Working Mechanism

IntelliCig uses industry-standard principles in its electronic cigarette. The design and functional principle starts with cartridges that contain nicotine inside the flavouring liquid. The atomiser is then attached to a cartridge along with a battery. All these form a singular unit, commonly referred to as the cartomiser, which resembles a regular tobacco cigarette.

Once you inhale from the right end of the e-cig, the battery will activate the atomizer, which will then heat the flavour liquid and turn it into water vapour. The flavored vapour then goes into your lungs, delivering good old-fashioned doses of nicotine into your body system.

  • d) Variety of eCig Options

Apart from the usual IntelliCig cigarette, which only has a single battery, you can also buy the IntelliCig XC. This advanced kit comes with 2 batteries, one portable charging kit and a whooping 10 refills.

This product is of such a high quality that it has been priced over and above other common e-cigs. It is a reserve of the well to do in society and can thus be considered to be an excellent product. Luckily, it works as effectively as the cheaper option but with a few extra perks. So, whichever kit you choose to go for, you can still be sure that the IntelliCig quality is similar in both aspects.

  • e) Savings

In addition to the potential these products have to save your life from dangerous effects of smoking (like cancer), you can also save money and time with the products availed by this company.

For instance, you can use the discount codes provided to procure your e-cigarettes at lower prices. Similarly, you save money, time and effort when you use an e-cig from such a sterling company. This is because you do not have to invest in a lighter or waste time to light up your cigarette. In fact, you can call this concept neo-smoking, since it is technologically more relevant, healthier and more affordable than regular smoking.

Overall, there is a lot to gain from using IntelliCig. You get different flavours (menthol, rich and regular), varying strengths of nicotine in the refills and the capability to quit smoking the good, old-fashioned way. With all these perks, you should definitely make the switch to healthier IntelliCig electronic cigarettes to help you quit faster.

E-Lites Discount Code

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Electronic cigarettes have become a great tool for people who want to quit smoking. Here, we provide a detailed review of the E-Lites brand of e-cigarettes. E-Lites is a brand that entered the e-cigarettes market in 2008 and has gathered a significant number of customers over the years, especially in the UK. Besides e-cigarettes, E-Lites also sells electronic cigars. This brand has been able to modify its product over the years based on customer feedback. This has made E-Lites a formidable competitor in the electronic cigarettes market.

E-Lites offers a baseline starting kit for just £25.99. Their main product, however, is the E-Pro 4 Kit, which costs £64.99. When you buy an E-Lites product you can be assured of quality, because their products are the result of numerous tweaks and modifications in response to the feedback of their customers. E-Lites products have a very sleek look. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality are quite noteworthy. Even their chargers and cables are of a superb quality. Moreover, they have excellent battery life as well as a portable charging case. These features combined with their great flavour make E-Lites a good brand.


Despite their high quality and great features, E-Lites e-cigarettes do have some bad points. The first is that E-Lites does not yet offer any option as far as the flavour and strength of their e-cigarettes is concerned. Secondly, E-Lites cartomisers cannot be refilled. This is a disadvantage they have over rival brands.

Everything about the E-Lites E-Pro 4 starter kit has a hint of good design. Better yet most of the starter kits qualify with the e-lites discount code currently available. From the beautiful black box that the set comes in, to the supremely good looking and sleek components, all of it just screams quality. The brief and simple user guide included with the pack is very easy to understand. The batteries with their thin, even concentric rings, added to the exceptional look of the product. The product, at 101 mm, is slightly longer than regular cigarettes. The cartomisers included in the pack are of regular strength and flavour. Light strength and menthol flavour cartomisers are also available in the market.

The E-Lites e-cigarettes are quite easy to assemble. Vaping is very easy, and there is an LED thatilluminates during use. The 2-piece E-Lites e-cigarette does not support refilling of the cartomisers. The number of flavours offered by E-Lites is limited. They have regular and light strength tobacco, menthol and nicotine-free cartomisers. There is no option to choose other flavours except the regular one when initially buying the pack. However, users can later buy cartomisers of the other flavours.

The regular cartomiser is not to be underestimated. It provides a good long vaping session and has excellent build quality. It gives a similar experience to smoking a tobacco cigarette. Each cartomiser gives around 140 regular drags. The duration and strength of the drags determines how long the cartomiser lasts.

The batteries and charger provided with the E-Lites pack are of a very good quality. It takes around 90 minutes for a battery to be fully charged. The charger has a capacity of charging 4 batteries at a time. The charging case has a great LED screen. There are clear indication lights for the charge remaining. The charger can be directly attached to the mains using the adapter. Their batteries have a warranty of 6 months. However, the chargers and other components have 12-months of warranty.

The E-Lites E-Pro 4 starter kit is an excellent product at a reasonable price. Despite a few shortcomings, the overwhelming majority of past buyers have stuck with the ever-expanding electronic cigarette company.

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SkyCig is an electronic cigarettes manufacturer based on the outskirts of Edinburgh, UK. They distribute electronic cigarette mainly throughout UK, Ireland and European continent. The company was launched in 2009, operated and owned by the Zulu Ventures Limited. They aim to provide cigarette smokers with an array of electronic product alternatives and starter kits.

This review will explain more in-depth what the company has to offer and how SkyCig stacks up against their increasing number of e-cigarette competitors.


Responsive flavour and vapour

They offer five different cartomiser flavours: tobacco gold, classic tobacco, crown tobacco crown cherry and crown methanol. Each flavour has three strengths with rising amounts of nicotine: light (6mg), regular (12mg) and bold (18mg), respectively. Due to joining of battery and cartomiser, the cartomiser’s e-liquid flavour is clearly visible on the end featuring the inhalation hole. Vapourising is very easy and just like taking a drag on a tobacco cigarette minus the lighter. SkyCig cartomisers have more cigarette equivalents on average that cartomisers provided by the majority of competitors.


The SkyCig starter kit comes with a convenient magnetic latch mechanism and packed in a clean black box. The first thing you will encounter is the user manual, which is easy-to read and very organized. The manual allows even fist-time e-cig smokers to assemble the vapour sticks with no difficulty. The kit has 15% skycig discount code for the future purchases that enable users to hold onto when they refill their cartomiser stocks.

Battery and technical features

The Freedom starter has a hard plastic charging case in an elegant black colour that seems to be relatively long lasting. The charging case can charge one battery while holding about five cartomisers and one assembled e-cigarette. The fully assembled electronic cigarette, measures 96mm long with the logo of SkyCig printed onto the end of the battery.

The battery takes about three and half hours to charge fully through the main adapter. It last for about an hour when using it, which is considerable stronger improvement compared to other e-cigs from other competitor companies. They offer a 12-month limited warranty to USB stick charger, USB chargeable cable, rechargeable cases and wall adapters. At Sky Cig discretion, these items may be repaired or replaced only once. The batteries have a warranty of 30 day, while cartomisers has no warranty because they are items that are consumable.


Sky Cig offers a cool seven working days period on every item sold on their website to qualify them for a refund. It also offers a 30-day money back guarantee, from purchase date. This is only available to kits sold on their website. Though, it may be somewhat deceitful as it is not a full refund, because the fine print shows that the buyers will only get a partial refund. Apart from qualifying for a partial refund, customers who want to return items are expected to pay some fee to cover restocking, processing and incurred administrative fees.

Big Picture

For those who are looking for a way to save money while still enjoying the pleasure of vaping, SkyCig provides an answer for you.